How it works

Significant Passive Revenue

Multiply Your Profit Margin

Adgile pays it’s trucking partners significant monthly payments that can triple their end profit margin! In an incredibly low margin industry, many of our partners see Adgile as a lifeline.

Continue Normal Operations

Zero Operational Disruptions

Adgile finds value in the routes that your trucks already drive. We will never ask that you change your operations in any way after partnering with us.

Full Service

Just Drive the Truck

Adgile handles all of the details related to the installation and removal of each truck-side advertisement. Whether we send technicians to your lot to install on site, or pick up the vehicle to install at a separate location, you will never be inconvenienced by our activities. All you have to do is drive the truck.

Data Insights

Data Insights

We give our trucking partners access to Adgile’s GPS and data insight platform. Use the data we provide to improve your efficiency

Easy 4 Steps Process



Adgile install beautiful advertisement on the sides and back of your last-mile delivery vehicle. These ads will be changes every 3-6 months.


Check in

Once a month, you send a picture of the advertisement using the Adgile mobile app to ensure that advertisements are clean and correctly installed.



At the end of each month, each participating partner receives their monthly payment.



At the end of each campaign, we remove and replace each ad.